"We do not see the world as it is, we see it as we are."

A praxis for navigating complexity and creating the future we want

The Silwood Group uses a principles based, fit-for-purpose praxis to guide our work to create a future we want.

The Silwood Group is a world class team of practitioners and scholars that brings together deep expertise in evaluation, systems thinking, complexity science, biological conservation and sustainability

In late 2014, The Silwood Group began a conversation about our common concerns for the ‘wicked’ problems confronting the persistence of life on Earth in the Anthropocene.

We started with the question: “In a world where all biophysical systems have been impacted by humanity, what form of praxis will best contribute to effective, worthy and relevant conservation?”

Today Silwood is using a fit-for-purpose and principles-based praxis for effectively navigating complexity.

The Silwood Group four principles

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